Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halo Reach

We played Halo Reach with some people last night and it was streamed live.  I've got the recordings, and will be uploading them shortly, but here's a quick rundown of things I learned.

1) Chezy Puf uses hacks.  He can head shot my from across the map with a pistol.  He hates me and does this often, especially during infection.
2) Infection sucks.
3)Galming can handle a warthog like he actually has one in real life.
4)Lightning is really good at Halo and is therefore a bad person.
5)Galming and Chezy Puf have been playing team doubles for years
6)Disturbed doesn't hate me like everyone else does.
7)Everyone is better at Halo than I am.

Thanks to those 4 guys for showing up, and we hope to have more next time!


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