Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pax East, Post Numero Uno.

So, since arriving here this morning, I've been having a blast. Minus, you know, a blocked toilet and stuff.

I was going to do a video post, but I don't sound very pretty, because my sinuses have decided to hate me, so you'll have to deal with a text post. =)

I got here, and I was greeted by Stephen, with a traffic cone on his head. He even let me take a picture of him with it on. =)

We headed over to the convention center, and I was immediately overwhelmed by everything. Now, I'm not much of a gamer (Y'all know that anyway...), so I just tagged along with the guys and took some pictures. I did see some games that I want to try out when there aren't a billion people watching, so it was really awesome.

Stephen tried to beat the demo of Ms. Splosion Man (Twisted Pixel), and failed by 8 seconds. It was sad. =(

I also happened to see an area blocked off with more PVZ traffic cones. =)

Then, we headed over to the F.3.A.R booth and the three guys played to try to beat the high score. While they were in line, I wandered a little bit, and found the Nintendo DS booth. I <3 Nintendo, so I sat down to play a game. What I thought was Pokemon, turned out to be DragonQuest VI. For someone who's a novice gamer, it was easy, and well, I got up and returned to the F.3.A.R. line with the guys after a few minutes. I think I've been volunteered to play F.3.A.R tomorrow with the guys, and surprisingly, I'm all for it. =)

They guys, right now, are downstairs, recording a PodCast with the guys from I'm kind of hoping there will be a stream tonight, but Stephen doubts it'll happen, so we'll see. Check our Twitters for any news. =)

Peace out, guys!


Friday, March 11, 2011


Hey guys, I'm alive, if anyone was wondering.

Some of the crew from AG is at PAX East this weekend. =) I will be updating the blog with pictures and shennanigans and stuff.

I won't be there until tomorrow afternoon (Thank you, school.), so most of this stuff won't be up until tomorrow night.

Live streams will be happening, apparently, sporradically.

So, until then, peace out, girl scouts.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stephen's Senior Project

So, for my senior project, I chose to make a music video. The video link is below, so take a look!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Theme Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to the unofficial Armageddon Gaming Theme Song as heard on podcast 42. Credit goes to Bludpoppp

Yo, it’s…
DJ Brizzy B and Mista Fraggs,
Yeah they work while they play, playing video games!
Like Blops, New Vegas, and don’t forget Amnesia,
Yeah one’s loading planes and the other’s complaining, (You’re gonna be a dick, I’m gonna be a dick, let’s go!)

Monday, January 3, 2011

PAX Decisions

LightningNC (Twitter - Youtube) took some liberties with a Penny Arcade comic and our faces to give you all a glimpse into the hotel decision making.