Saturday, January 29, 2011

Theme Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to the unofficial Armageddon Gaming Theme Song as heard on podcast 42. Credit goes to Bludpoppp

Yo, it’s…
DJ Brizzy B and Mista Fraggs,
Yeah they work while they play, playing video games!
Like Blops, New Vegas, and don’t forget Amnesia,
Yeah one’s loading planes and the other’s complaining, (You’re gonna be a dick, I’m gonna be a dick, let’s go!)

Yeah… That’s Armageddon Gaming yo…
Oh, but don’t forget…

Well, first there’s br1zzo,
He plays games! (Go figure)
Yeah, loves Metro 2033,
The Maw, and SUPER MEAT BOY!

Yeah, br1zzo found himself a friend,
She goes by Jamie!
She lives in Vegas but they love each other,
Someday they’re gonna meet
And then make babies!

So here we go with Jamie,
She loves Left 4 Dead,
She’s kind of an achievement-whore!
Yeah, she’s rescued Gnome Chompski
And completed the parish,
But, we have to play on easy…

That’s how it goes at Armageddon Gaming, yo
But can we forget about… Ryan?

Yes, we can.

Yeah, now for KryllKiller,
His name is Jesse!
He plays guitar and loves killing kryll,
New Vegas hates him, it deleted his saves…
I guess he broke the game!

Now moving on Stephen,
He runs the website,
(It’s a little shakey…)
He plays games LIKE A MOFO
He fails at un-boxing,
Yeah, got a sister, her name is becky,
(But what about fronty?)

Yeah, that’s Armageddon Gaming,
Where gaming comes first.

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