Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pax East, Post Numero Uno.

So, since arriving here this morning, I've been having a blast. Minus, you know, a blocked toilet and stuff.

I was going to do a video post, but I don't sound very pretty, because my sinuses have decided to hate me, so you'll have to deal with a text post. =)

I got here, and I was greeted by Stephen, with a traffic cone on his head. He even let me take a picture of him with it on. =)

We headed over to the convention center, and I was immediately overwhelmed by everything. Now, I'm not much of a gamer (Y'all know that anyway...), so I just tagged along with the guys and took some pictures. I did see some games that I want to try out when there aren't a billion people watching, so it was really awesome.

Stephen tried to beat the demo of Ms. Splosion Man (Twisted Pixel), and failed by 8 seconds. It was sad. =(

I also happened to see an area blocked off with more PVZ traffic cones. =)

Then, we headed over to the F.3.A.R booth and the three guys played to try to beat the high score. While they were in line, I wandered a little bit, and found the Nintendo DS booth. I <3 Nintendo, so I sat down to play a game. What I thought was Pokemon, turned out to be DragonQuest VI. For someone who's a novice gamer, it was easy, and well, I got up and returned to the F.3.A.R. line with the guys after a few minutes. I think I've been volunteered to play F.3.A.R tomorrow with the guys, and surprisingly, I'm all for it. =)

They guys, right now, are downstairs, recording a PodCast with the guys from I'm kind of hoping there will be a stream tonight, but Stephen doubts it'll happen, so we'll see. Check our Twitters for any news. =)

Peace out, guys!


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  1. I want to beat you with a splintery piece of wood, you lucky bastards.....all of you.