Monday, December 6, 2010

New Forums!!!!

Okay, okay, so they aren't up quite yet. Stephen's still working on it, and getting the kinks and stuff worked out. Keep your panties on, it's getting there.

I'm special, so I get the sneak peek. And they are sweeeeeeeet!
I'll post a link sometime in the next week.

About this week...

I'm going to apologize in advanced from the lack of blogging on my part. This is my final week of school before break, and it's going to be crazy. Like Brian rapping crazy. Once I get home on Friday night of next week, it's going to be me and the Maw. Until I die, or the controller goes out the window....or I beat the game.

But! I will come back with forum info during a study break....when I get the okay, that is. =)

Until then, stay tuned for updates from hopefully Brian -hinthint- and I'll catch up with you guys on Monday night.

-Becky =)

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